Monday, 26 September 2016

Workshop at My House!

Dear people.

I've been asked many times in the last three or four years if I could make my full day workshop (click on the green link if you don’t know what I’m talking about) available in video:

 Homeschooling with JOY
            the way you thought it would be

At any rate, it’s happening soon!  It’s going to be professionally filmed at my home in Cobble Hill, then edited and available as a DVD or digital download.
I’m stoked.       So here’s the situation.

I’m holding a live workshop
to be filmed on
Saturday, November 5th from 10-4. 

My living room can hold about 25 people
(yes, it’s a big living room).
The workshop will be $75 for the day, and will include a DVD of the video once it’s edited and produced (that will take a couple of months, but all attendees will receive a copy, no charge).

Once it is available, the DVD or digital download will be $75.
But not for anyone who comes to this filming.  You will just get a copy.
Because I love you guys.

Please feel free to share this with people who may be interested.

If you would like to join me for this filmed workshop, please email me HERE or private message me.

Please note, anyone attending could be in the final, edited version.  But that's fun.


Saturday, 6 August 2016

What Matters Most

Not all the books and resources in the Canadian Bundle are Canadian content.  Like mine, for example. But I am a Canadian author, so that counts too.

Just so you know what you are in for, one of the books in the Homeschooling, simplified series included in the book Homeschooling, simplified: what matters most.  I've included an excerpt here, to provide some context of what the book holds.

"The climate of the relationship between two people is tantamount to the success of the relationship.  We shouldn't expect to get through family life without difficulty, but we need to be willing to work through difficulties.  In the sharing and expanding of ideas and information, good relationships are crucial. Really, imparting our ideals to our children is far more about our ability to get along  than it is about how firmly we hold to the ideals.  Certainly in a homeschooling context, children learn better without strife.

Two things are in order to accomplish the goals of this book.  One, to determine why it matters to
get along, and two, to offer some tools that will meet that end.  Here are a few things I'd like to take a look at in this little book:

  • why relationships matter
  • how learning is fostered in an environment of joy
  • providing some tools for establishing good relationship habits
  • learning how to simplify our life so we can stay focused on the relationship
  • discipline, punishment and how they differ"



Summer Motivators - Mornings

Some people are morning people.  Some are not.  I have both in my household.

I feel blessed to be a morning person, but I have had to learn how to live with the other type. AND I have noted that the beginning of the day, started with a little order, changes everything.

It changes mood, productivity, relationships.  You may think I am overstating the fact, but no.

I think not.

Even a morning person doesn't want to wake up with the counter scattered with food dried onto dishes and a sticky floor.  What a delight to wake up in the morning with a clean counter, dishes out, knowing what you are all going to eat for breakfast.

It's not as hard as you think, oh my dears.

Preparation is best when done the night before.  You can even start in the afternoon.  If today is a washout, start on tomorrow.  Forget today.  Read to the kids.  When they are happy and playing, think about what to have for breakfast tomorrow.  While you are making dinner, be thinking about what you can do to make clean up easier.  While dinner clean up is happening, throw the leftovers in a casserole dish.  Right after dinner clean up, put out the breakfast stuff.  The counter will probably stay cleaner that way.

Certainly, because it looks so welcoming for the morning, if any after dinner mess occurs (like the Bedtime institution in our house), we are more inclined to clean it up, so we can maintain the anticipation of that smooth morning.  Grind the coffee, get out the French press.

If you don't use a French press, I think you should.  I have quite strong opinions about coffee.  Generally I only drink one up a day, but I would prefer that it was perfect.  In fact, I'd rather not drink sub-standard coffee.  My favourite, Kicking Horse.  Grizzly Claw or Three Sisters or sometimes Kick Ass.  But usually Grizzly Claw.  French press.

Good Morning takes on a whole new meaning.

Next Post Up:  the importance of socks.